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The house has always belonged to the same family. It was converted into an Inn in 1996. The owners have their own personal way of viewing tourism and have always tried to remain true to two of their main goals: a quiet, relaxing Inn and their conviction that good taste and a few of life's little luxuries need not always cost a fortune. The first goal has been more than accomplished by offering a small number of rooms and the effort made by all those who live in the house; the second, however, can only be confirmed by treating oneself to a visit, when we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Meet our facilities


The Inn has five double bedrooms, with either a double bed or two single beds, all with television and bathroom

Other facilities

There is a shared bathroom on the ground floor, where there is also a lounge, library and dining room. Outside, there are parking facilities and 1000 m² of gardens plus a porch.

Useful tourist information

Between Suances and Santillana del Mar there lies a picturesque road that combines both scenic countryside and fabulous sea views. You can pick the road up in Suances, at the top of town next to Viares Square, home of the Town Hall. However, we recommend a far prettier alternative which is to take the road where it starts near Los Locos Beach and the lighthouse, and as it passes by La Tablía beach, it is well worth stopping and walking up to the natural vantage point there to take in the wonderful views over the Cantabrian sea and the cliffs around Punta Ballota and Punta del Dichoso. The road that follows the coast takes you to Tagle from where you can get onto one of several country lanes that lead to the cliffs at Punta Ballota that has some equally spectacular views of the coast. Another lane leads to Tagle beach, where there can often be large waves. Continuing along, before reaching Ubiarco, you come to a sharp bend where you can get to Ubiarco beach, also known as Santa Justa due to the shrine that stands on the most unlikely of nooks on the very cliff face itself. A fishermen's path connects this beach to Tagle beach. In Ubiarco, you can take another country lane that leads to a fascinating area of cliffs that culminate at the so-called Puerto Calderón, where you can still see the entrance to an abandoned mine located in the middle of a cliff face above the sea. On our way towards Santillana del Mar we find yet another vantage point next to the road where we can get a panoramic view retracing most of our short journey.



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Activities you can practice

  • Cycle touring, bike routes
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Horse riding
  • Nature observatories